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Observatoire interuniversitaire sur les pratiques innovantes d’évaluation des apprentissages



The Observatoire interuniversitaire sur les pratiques innovantes d’évaluation des apprentissages (OPIEVA [The Interuniversity Observatory of Innovative Practices in Learning Assessment]) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and professionals specializing in education, specifically in measurement and assessment, whose research is devoted to the study of various dimensions of innovative practices in the evaluation of teachers’ learning, at all levels of education.

The observatory’s work focusses on three main areas:

  1. looks_onePractices of learning assessment;
  2. looks_twoInnovation in learning assessment; and
  3. looks_3Data analysis techniques and methods in assessment.


At a time when learning assessment is undergoing various changes, notably with respect to methods, purpose and massive data, OPIEVA has adopted as its main mission the tracking and analyzing of innovative practices of learning assessment, in terms of academic knowledge, from the perspective of recognizing the initiatives of researchers and practitioners, with a focus on support for student learning. To fulfill this mission, the work of OPIEVA has the following specific goals.

The three main objectives are:

  1. looks_oneObserving and analyzing learning assessment practices;
  2. looks_twoSupporting innovation in learning assessment; and
  3. looks_3Disseminating knowledge about assessment.

Prix et distinctions

Prix ADMEE-Europe (2020) : OPIEVA's communication on the survey 'To assess: between innovation an tradition' presented by Isabelle Lepage, Edith Potvin-Rosselet & Diane Leduc won the ADMEE-Europe’s prize of the 32nd Colloque of the Association for the development of assessment methods in education – Europe, in Casablanca. This prize aims to reward the excellency of one or two students who conducted research related to assessment.

Prix Impact (2019) : Rewarding the excellency and potential of a technological, social, or organizational innovation with significant implications, this prize was awarded during the research and creation week at UQAM for the project 'To make sure that teachers don't lose their way, compasses to innovate in learning assessment'.


OPIEVA is affiliated with the following research groups:

  • Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire sur l’évaluation et la mesure en éducation à l’aide des technologies de l’information et de la communication (GRIÉMÉtic [Interuniversity Research Group on Assessment and Measurement in Education using Information and Communication Technology])
  • Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en mesure et évaluation des apprentissages en santé (GRIMEAS [the Interuniversity Research Group on Measurement and Assessment of Learning in Health).
  • Laboratoire de recherche sur l’innovation pédagogique et l’apprentissage en enseignement supérieur (Labo Relia)

University partners