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Welcome to the compasses of OPIEVA.

The compasses are self-observation and reflection tools for teachers at all levels of education. They make it possible to:

To access the questionnaire, please select a compass in the list below.

List of compasses

Assessment : between innovation and tradition (2022)

This compass explores teachers’ evaluation practices as a function of their innovative or traditional characteristics. On what side do yours fall? Complete this compass index to find out and to learn more about these two key concepts in evaluation.

Assessing digitally while innovating

This compass explores teachers’ digital evaluation practices. In this new compass, you'll be portrayed on innovative evaluation practices and digital evaluation practices. Complete this compass to find out and to learn more about these two concepts.

Compasses in development

  1. Innovation and digital technology
  2. Learners' emotions and beliefs regarding learning assessment
  3. Pass-fail grades versus numerical grades
  4. The pedagogical relationship and learners' emotions during assessment